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Preparing Local University Talent To Advance Early-Stage Innovation and Development

Cindi Sutera | Published on 1/28/2022

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic Regional President, Howard Lubert welcomed four new Due Diligence Fellows this month. These graduate students hail from local universities and were selected from applicants who want to work with Keiretsu Forum angel investor members to advance the early-stage, entrepreneurial ecosystem in this region.

Fellows include:

Amani Carter - University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

Tatiana Corcoran - University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

Julia Han - University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

Ryan Dibeler of West Chester University- Cottrell Entrepreneurial Leadership Center

“The Due Diligence Fellows program at Keiretsu Forum is truly a win-win for both the students and the Keiretsu Forum,” says Steve Kozachyn, Due Diligence Director for Keiretsu Forum. “Students get the opportunity to work with world-class companies contributing to their potential success in raising funds in which to grow their business.

In addition to the experience, the students also can place Keiretsu Forum on their resume, very often leading to employment when they graduate. Obviously, Keiretsu Forum benefits from having students contribute to a company’s due diligence report. ”

Keiretsu Forum has set a standard for most active investors three years running, as reported by Pitchbook in its 2020 Annual Global League Tables highlighting Keiretsu Forum as the U.S. Region’s #1 and # 2 Most Active Late and Early Stage investors. Results for 2021 are expected in early Q2 and a remarkable standard will surely be acknowledged again.

It is known within investment circles that Keiretsu Forum has exceptional deal flow that is based upon rigorous due diligence (DD). A cohesive due diligence process in a group setting gives both investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from the diverse experience of multiple participants. The DD Fellows will play a key role in advancing the process for several early stage companies during their fellowship.

To prepare DD Fellows, Howard Lubert developed an extensive training seminar. This seminar covers the most important part of the process: conducting a rigorous examination of the many factors that may affect future outcomes including the identification of key management risks, acknowledgement of what is to be believed, and determination of a pre-money valuation.

Howard is a serial entrepreneur, accredited investor, and technical DD specialist. He lends more than 30 years of due diligence and term sheet experience to those who chose to participate on a diligence team. This is complemented by the diverse backgrounds and expertise that investor members bring to DD teams. The DD Fellows will receive valuable experience and insight that they will carry throughout their career. Former DD Fellows credit their experience with advancing career opportunities beyond the program.

For additional information on the Due Diligence Program or to connect with DD Fellows, please contact Cindi Sutera at 610-613-2773 or